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Art has been a driving force my entire life. When in college I was introduced to art history and was hooked. It was like visual story-telling, which sparked my interest in history, heritage and culture. Folklore, legends, myths and religion are something I have developed a fascination with, especially Native American as my grandmother was very tied in with her roots. I work with different facets of this culture by: animals, nature, representation of spirits, fashion and face-paint. This has led me to writing a story and push me to explore my limits when it comes to drawing accurately.

I am now busy working on drawings for Christmas gifts which are a combination of mystical, extinct and current animals for friends and family. I am using 6 x 6” Bristol tiles that should be easy to find frames for. Recently I have been playing with color for the Christmas presents I am doing black and white pen drawings with 1-2 thing colored in. Not a new concept but new for me as I am usually all black and white or all colored. Now let’s hope I get 20 done in time! Santa Clause is coming to town….

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