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Welcome Fall

This is my first in-progress blog post with a finished product. I began as I always do for my "Confined" series, with basic shapes. These shapes are from household items such as coasters, lids, and jars. I then research ideas. Though it is ridiculously warm outside for Cleveland it is technically Fall now so I thought it appropriate to fill this illustration with fall like items.

When I think of Fall, I think of sweaters, trick or treating, pumpkins, of course (no pumpkin spice!), and leaves. So I filled this drawing to its max with as much fall things as could fit! I recently have inherited a few lanterns so I put one inside the image as well.

After everything is sketched out I begin to ink. This process does not take too long as I am essentially re-outlining the pencil lines which are then erased. Finally the fun part, the details, and shading!

This is my favorite part of any piece that I work on. I love to add dimension from the flat line drawing to a finished piece. I use two effects when I draw: crosshatch and stippling. These two methods can add detail as well as dimension to the work.

Then it is finished! I hope you enjoyed this post about my process I hope to add more progress shots as I go.



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