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Review of You.

One evening Meg turned on a new Netflix show called You and we were completely absorbed ever since. It only has 1 season on Netflix, doing some google searches has lead me to believe that there will be a season 2 released hopefully this year.

Having read books like Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey the idea of an obsessive man/boyfriend is not new and throughout the season you are almost rooting for Joe and Beck. The real difference other than of course, Joe is a murderer and psycho is his inner monologue.

The monologue is what really makes this show shine. Joe is constantly trying to impress and “take care of” Beck who is a little crazy and broken herself into a perfect relationship. The insight into his mind is what makes Joe human but also gives clarity of what makes him a monster.

Similar to Dexter but with less serial murderer and more obsessions, this show keeps making you go “yep, they’re dead”. He can always justify why he kills the people in Beck’s life: they were wrong for her or using her, and in most cases he was right. Similar to Dexter he only takes out the bad people but unlike Dex he seems to have less of a capability for love and confuses it with obsession.

Hope you like the review and watch it as well! Leave a comment about what you thought of the show.

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