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Native American Inspired Portraits

I started this series because I wanted to do two things: Work on my portraiture and explore my Native American heritage visually. I have been using different tribes face paint and symbols while combining them with beauty portraits from top designers. I often change characteristics like: skin, hair, eye color, clothing and embellishments to what I think would look best with the face-paint.

I have been fortunate enough to learn a little bit about my Grandmother's native heritage as she was very interested in the spiritual side which inspired my Journey of a Soul series that I am working on publishing as a book. Since my Grandmother's passing I have continued exploring my heritage and it shows throughout much of my artworks.

I call this series my Women Empowerment or Inspiring Women series- though they are just faces I like to think they can be relatable to all races and genders and want the viewer to feel what they represent in each artwork. My goal is when finished with the the face paint options I can offer to do portraits of others: friends, family and customers as custom orders that will also be included into the series as it grows.

Thanks for reading!

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