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Holding on to Hope

My health for those who have known me for a while, know I have had a bit of a roller-coaster ride for the last couple years. I was finally starting to feel good, but this past Fall I have been feeling sick again.

I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2016 and thankfully only had to undergo surgery to remove the tumor. My symptoms were: constipation, crazy periods, fatigue, ulcers and pain in my abdomen. I had these problems for 2-years before a doctor thought to give me an MRI and found the 10lb tumor growing off my ovary.

I am now feeling constipation, I have missed a period and fatigue- and no I cannot be pregnant (no sex, no baby). I have a doctors appointment at the end of the month with my GI who was the one who had scheduled the MRI in 2016.

Between health stress and work stress, PLUS moving stress I am exhausted and ready for some positive things to happen in my life. Fingers crossed that one of those positive things is no cancer.

Illustration from Journey of a Soul
Holding on to Hope: Butterfly Spirit

With that in mind I am going to share a Native American Legend that I truly love.

The Butterfly Legend

As a gift to His human children, the Great Spirit created butterflies. He took black from the maiden’s hair, yellow from the warm summer sun, and blues from the lake and sky. Once he gathered the most beautiful of colors, He made them into butterflies.

If you want a special wish to come true, capture a butterfly and whisper your heart’s desire to it. Since butterflies make no sound, they cannot tell the wish to anyone but Him. Being so colorful, the butterflies will easily be seen and the heart’s prayers quickly answered.

By making a wish and releasing the butterfly, it will be taken on the wings of love to the heavens and granted. Softly whisper your wish for their eternal love and bliss, then carefully release and free the beautiful creature.

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