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Hildebrandt and Lakeland Holidays

Decided to talk about mine and my sister's first show!

We had a small table at the Hildebrandt November 25th, where though people were interested in my work did not purchase. My sister's jewelry did sell though including a pair of earrings to Mrs. Hildebrandt herself! It was a great opportunity to get our feet wet and get some feedback from customers.

November 26th-27th was a pretty big deal though! Meg and I set up our wares at Lakeland Community College and actually sold a lot of work! I made a little over $100 just selling prints of my work with some interested in looking at the originals when available. I passed out my business cards and etsy promo code.

Cant wait for Artcraft and Waterloo!

Below is a bunch of the prints that were sold during the 2 shows! I will be selling originals of my black and white drawings as well as a couple of the color animals!

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