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Exciting News

I just registered for a class over at Lakeland Community College! I am taking an "Arts and Business" class to help me promote my work. I have read so many articles and other artists' blogs but I feel that I need some professional instruction. It was only $129.00 for 12 credit hours which is a steal for anyone who has taken college courses. I also just started using Grammarly! I have to say it is pretty great! I do not have Microsoft Word as the company has changed to a pay by year subscription. I am just using the basic version of Grammarly which is free, but it still catches those mistakes that can really bug the "grammar nazis"! I will be posting a new illustration soon! It is a fall inspired piece which will also be the first inspiration for the "New Artwork" section of my blog. It will have in-progress shots as well as how I developed my ideas.

Thanks for reading and share with others!


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