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Always Moving Forward

My list doesn’t have any kind of order, just started writing as I thought of them.

1. Pink Floyd Concert: September 2017

2. Tolkien’s Illustrations

3. Cats on Broadway

4. Lion King on Broadway

5. Dali Museum

6. The Met Museum

7. Travel to Italy

8. Travel to every state in America as an adult

  • a. North Carolina

  • b. Minnesota

  • c. South Carolina

  • d. Ohio

9. Travel to Greece

10. Move South

11. Retire on a vineyard

12. Adopt a child

13. Work at the Dali Museum

14. Sell my original Artworks

15. Finish my stories/books

16. Have a one woman show of my artworks

17. Publish my books

18. Read all the classics in literature

19. Do something big that is spontaneous

20. Lasik Eye Surgery

21. Hair Removal

22. Learn to Dance

23. To make my own wine

24. To have a wine cellar

25. Boudoir Photo Shoot

26. Fluent in Italian

27. Fluent in Spanish

28. Soak in a natural hot spring

29. See an Elvis impersonator

30. To be a guest speaker

So here are 30 of my bucket list options, let’s see how many I reach this 2019.

Roger Waters Jamming Out 2017

I crossed Pink Floyd off my list as I went to Roger Waters in Boston. I saw him perform with my dad in September 2017. It was amazing! My dad introduced me to The Wall when I was in high school and I was completely enthralled! I downloaded the entire album and listened to it for the majority of my high school career. Pink Floyd still has a special place in my heart; their music resonated with me especially when I was being bullied, their mellow music mimicked my melancholy mood. Though it was a tough time, whenever I listen to the music now, I remember the good things like watching the movie with my dad, how my art had changed during that time, and the changes inside myself.

Most know I don’t listen to popular music usually and only do so in the car. The music I listen to is very alternative with a mixture of rock, classical and new age. A couple of my favorite artists right now are:

Love the different sounds that these bands work with, from opera-like to electronic to bluesy, they all have unique style that popular music just doesn’t seem to have.

Sound is such an interesting thing. It can resonate with someone so deeply. I have always said that music is not something that I LOVE like so many other people, but I also have been re-evaluating music and how music can spark memories that may not come naturally.

Along with Pink Floyd, I loved Metallica as a teen. I remember I was driving to work at North Olmsted’s rec center to life-guard and was jamming to Metallica on the radio, shaking my hair all over and dancing in my car as I drove down Lorain. A motorcycle rider was passing me and was also listening to the same song. He slowed down took a look at me (blond at the time, wearing some girly shirt) laughed and waved at me. I have not thought of that in a while but heard Metallica on the radio and it sparked my memory of the event.

Well back to the bucket list, recently I have been trying to plan a trip to New York and see Tolkien’s Illustrations and maybe knock off a couple others on my list as well, like The Lion King and The Met (we will see if I can afford it). I am also in the process of getting laser hair removal on my thighs and bikini but the bucket won’t be crossed off until my entire legs are hair free.

Thanks for reading


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