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3 Artist Tips from Xsplain


My artistic journey has continued to have its ups and downs especially when it comes to finding money for art supplies. What I have started doing is recycling: paper for collage, wood pieces I find in dumpsters, jars for water and using old work to make new. This has led to new artworks that are not ready to show but are definitely challenging my creative spirit.

Always be prepared

I always have some kind of work in progress with me. I never know when I will be waiting around for a meeting to start, having some down time between jobs or just sitting at a coffee shop. Having my materials with me has saved me from being bored and allowed me to converse about my artwork as people’s curiosity is piqued. I always have a small jar of water (I use Giant Eagles’ Minced Garlic lol), my watercolor pencils and pens which I keep in a make up bag and some paper. Recently I have been working on 6x6” square Bristol for Christmas gifts.

Don’t work bigger than you can store

I cannot stress this enough! Don’t work big if you have no space. I have a small studio space that also doubles as a guest bedroom. There is never enough room. I work small 9x12” because of this. In my high school and college days I always worked 18x24” which is pretty large and definitely not portable. Keep in mind what you can feasibly work on and store because you will just end up getting frustrated and have too much clutter.



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