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2019! Where has the Time Gone!

Crazy that it is 2019! I have, as always, a lot going on.

  • I started tutoring again (which I absolutely love!)

  • I am moving in with my dad to save some money so I can buy a house

  • I bought a paper making kit (will post pictures once I make some!)

  • I am applying to more art/craft shows for the Spring and the upcoming Summer

  • I am going to be joining a dating website

  • and lastly I am going to finish the "Journey of a Soul" book and possibly tarot cards

Something I really want to keep up with is blogging, so I can work on my writing and hold myself accountable with keeping to the goals I set.

So I will be blogging in this new year about:

  • My life (of course)

  • The good and the bad of working for a non-profit

  • My artwork (obviously)

  • and my creative writing

So here's to resolutions and the new year!


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