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2018 Update

First blog post in a while!!!

Lots has happened this year,

· I started creating art even more regularly

· I finished the Journey of a Soul series

· I started an Etsy account and got my first sale!

· I started a Zazzle account

· Started full-time at Art House as Program Director

· Began tutoring again

· Been working as a freelance graphic designer

· Graphic Design work on the walls of the ballroom at Judson Manor

· Went to my first concert at Blossom

· Did my first 2-day workshop with kids at the Jazz Fest 2018

· 2 years officially cancer free

· Sold some of my first artwork at Ingenuity Fest 2018

But lastly and very excitedly, I will be at 3 arts and crafts shows this late November early December!

· Hildebrandt: November 25th 10-5pm

· Lakeland Gallery Market: November 26th-27th 10:00-3:00pm

· Artcraft Holiday Market: December 1st-2nd 10:00-7:00 & 11:00-5:00pm

I feel so loved by the artist community here in Cleveland, big shout outs to Bernadette Glorioso, Mary Urbas and Mark Yasenchack who either asked me or found room for me in the Holiday Markets at their studio’s/galleries.

I will be selling prints of my Spirit Animal Word Maps which give different meanings to

Native American Spirit Animals along with an illustration from my series Journey of a Soul. Prints of my new work using Vogue models and adding Native American face paint and outfits. The premise for the series is that many people have Native American heritage including myself even though I am identified as White.

I will also be selling illustrations that I have worked on in between my series work such as aquatic creatures, mermaids and animal line drawings. Originals that will be sold are my oil pastel pieces based off of nature, vision boards and seashell flower hangings.

If you cannot make it to any of the holiday markets this season visit my Etsy shop to purchase prints and use the promo code LASTMINUTE2018 Dec 3rd-Dec 24th for 10% off your purchase.

2018 has been a crazy year! Can’t wait to see what happen next!

Talk to you soon,


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