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About me

Native Cleveland, Ohio I am ready to work with you for all your creative needs. 

Graphic Design: Adobe Suite CS5

When I approach any graphics project I look how it can be simplified. I work with clean lines and can develop imagery using either hand drawn materials or computer-made.

  • Logos,

  • Banners,

  • Pamphlets,

  • Product Labels etc.

Website Developer: Wix, Squarespace and Wordpress

I develop functional and clean web pages that not only complete their purpose but have artistic flair.


I am inspired by the world around me whether it be plants, animals or the human race. I use a lot of mythology, fantasy and folk stories in my work.

Prices and Packages

Start-up/Re-Branding: $700

  1. Logo design

  2. Website through Wix or Wordpress

  3. Business Card

Start Your Social Media for your Business or Non-Profit: $250

  1. Integration of the main Social Sites

  2. Hashtag development

  3. Tutorial of social media and crash course on the insights 

Social Media Special Event: $385

  1. 10 posts a weeks for 4 weeks

  2. Posts on all social sites

  3. Uses marketing strategies to increase engagement

Social Media 6 months: $2305

Social Media 12 months: $4608

  1. 10 posts a week 

  2. Monthly Insights report

  3. Posts on all Social Sites

  4. Uses marketing strategies to increase engagement

Print Material: $165/project

  • ​Pamphlets

  • Brochures

  • Hand outs

  • Flyers

  • Etc. 

Commission of Illustration: $200

  1. Artist will be open to all ideas

  2. Drafts will be provided before final draft

  3. $50 for edit after final draft

Please note that costs may vary per project due to whether the project workload is more or less intense.

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